Mason Jar Fermentation Kit, 9-Pc.


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The Mason jar fermentation dream team! This kit will make fermenting your own vegetables quick and easy, eliminating the risk of mold and the need to monitor your ferment on a daily basis. The best selling Mason jar fermentation kit, allows you to make healthy probiotic-rich sauerkraut, kimchi, and real pickles easily, safely, and with perfect results every time. Bonus printed color recipe and instruction guide included! The kit includes 4x Pickle Pipe patented waterless airlocks (to allow fermentation gases to escape), 4x Pickle Pebbles (to keep veggies weighted below the brine) and 1x Pickle Packer (to pound cabbage and pack veggies tightly into the jar). This is truly a "set and forget" way to ferment your own vegetables, and perfect for beginners, experts, and makes a great gift!

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