Redmond Hunt Trophy Rock Cherry Bomb Fortified Long Range Deer Attractant

Redmond Hunt

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This is the Deadly Combination! We recommend using Trophy Rock as a year-round mineral supplement and Cherry Bomb as a late summer/fall protein attractant.  It is a mineral combination that deer simply cannot resist.  This combo gives you a Trophy Rock (7 lbs) and a bag of Cherry Bomb granular attractant (6 lbs) to try out together. 

 Trophy Rock 

  • Keep Deer Coming Back:  Deer love Trophy Rock mineral licks. They return to it again and again, giving you the satisfaction of watching them grow.  
  • All-Natural Minerals:  Other big game attractants use chemicals; however, Trophy Rock for deer is an all-natural deer attractant that you can feel good about giving the herd. 
  • Help Deer Grow:  Without sufficient minerals, deer cannot reach their maximum potential. With Trophy Rock all-natural minerals, deer have the nutrients they need. 
  • Lasts Longer:  Our mineral rock lasts longer in the field than competitors, giving you more bang for your buck. 
  • Trail Cam Companion:  Get the best trail cam shots using Trophy Rock and Cherry Bomb together 
  • Mined in the USA:  Trophy Rock is mined in Utah, USA from an ancient salt deposit dating back to the Jurassic era. Your purchase supports American jobs and the American economy.  

Cherry Bomb 

  • Long-Range Attractant: Cherry Bomb aroma pulls deer from afar with highly palatable protein ingredients, added vitamins and Trophy Rock minerals. 
  • Dual Purpose: The unique blend of ingredients provides both attraction and nutrition for healthy growth and antler development. 

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